BAYADA participates in opening of a special field for children with disabilities

Posted by Caroline Graham

7/3/13 1:56 PM

The Voorhees, NJ Pediatrics North (VPN) team was grateful for the opportunity to attend the official opening of Boundless Field—a specially designed field for kids with physical and developmental disabilities located in Challenge Group Park in Cherry Hill, NJ.BAYADA attends opening

The new field is adjacent to Jake’s Place—a boundless playground built in 2011 in memory of Jacob Myles Cummings Nast, a 2 1/2-year-old boy born with a rare cardiac medical condition who died after his fourth open-heart surgery in 2007. The specially designed playground was funded in part by CVS Pharmacies, along with hundreds of local families, businesses, individuals and children in the community, and was built by the caring hands of volunteers.

On Saturday, June 22, dozens of children with disabilities and their families came out for opening day. The 13,000-square-foot area was designed as a baseball field, but can be used for other sporting events such as football and soccer. The rubber playing surface makes it more accessible to those using a wheelchair, walker, or have difficulty with balance.

It was a truly awesome experience for our team to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they took their turn at home plate. The players who were non-ambulatory moved around the bases with the assistance of a volunteer “buddy” or a parent who pushed them in their wheelchair. As the children were rounding the bases, the VPN team was excited to see two BAYADA Pediatric clients cross the plate and score a run!    

The VPN team provided BAYADA water bottles to all in attendance. BAYADA Pediatrics, with the assistance of the Voorhees, NJ Pediatrics South (VPS) and Atlantic Cape, NJ Pediatrics (ACP) offices, purchased the first field banner which will be displayed at the field throughout the season. Throughout the day, many expressed their gratitude for our support.

Opening day for the 2013 season is September 7 and we all plan to participate in the opening day festivities.

Rose Sample, Director (VPN)

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