Lend Your Voice to Help MA Families: Moving Globe Article Highlights State’s Shortfalls

Posted by Conner Sheets

8/11/17 11:49 AM


Noelia Ferreira carried her daughter Abi up the stairs. It’s been more than 150 days since she has had skilled nursing help.

The Boston Globe recently published a touching and impactful article detailing the plight of Noelia Ferreira and her 15-year-old daughter, Abi. The article detailed Noelia’s painful balancing act between being Abi’s mother and her nurse, and the anxiety she feels knowing that someone better trained should be taking care of Abi’s medical needs. While Abi qualifies for the care that would give Noelia a much-needed sense of relief and reassurance, Massachusetts does not currently offer funding that attracts the qualified nurses necessary to provide the kind of care Abi needs. Noelia is not looking for any special consideration. She only wants the care that the state has already approved – care she has gone without for more than 150 days.

The lack of available medical professionals in MA is being felt by more than just the Ferreira family. The abysmal reimbursement rates in the state leave providers with no means of meeting the care needs of the 900 people who need care in MA. Without an increase in the rates, families like Noelia’s will continue to go without the care they so desperately need. You can all help in the effort to get that increase. Go to mychildcantwait.com and tell Governor Baker to fund the critical continuous skilled nursing (CSN) program!