When BAYADA Home Health Aide Barbara Cubitt was told that her office wanted to celebrate her for 25 years with the company, she had no idea what was in store for her.

“For 23 years, Barbara has been caring for our client Gina D. several days a week,” says Cubitt’s colleague, BAYADA Clinical Services Manager Mariela Zapata. Cubitt helps Gina with personal care and therapy routines and considers Gina family because of the connection they have through the one-on-one time spent together.

Since Cubitt gives so much, BAYADA wanted to surprise her with something really special during her 25-years-of-service celebration. “It’s been her long-time wish to meet Mark Baiada,” said Cherry Hill Assistive Care Director Sean Higgins, who, with the help of others, arranged for Mark, the founder and chairman of BAYADA, to join them for the celebration.

When Cubitt arrived at the office with her client Gina D., she saw all of her colleagues waiting for her. Baiada stayed hidden as Cubitt greeted the crowd, thanking them for this wonderful recognition. When she turned, Cubitt was surprised and thrilled to be face-to-face with the man who had been responsible for creating and leading the company that has been her work family for the past quarter century.

“After 25 years, I finally meet Mr. Baiada,” joked Cubitt. “I feel so honored and fortunate, and I hope to work here for a lot longer!”

Higgins shared Cubit’s feelings on having Baiada join them to honor her. “Mark Baiada employs more than 25,000 people; he’s a busy man. Yet, it was an honor for him and our team to be able to give this small token of appreciation to her for all the years she’s given us.”

Baiada is equally impressed with Cubitt and her dedication and commitment to the company. “We’re so proud of her,” he said. “She’s a role model for all at BAYADA, including myself.”  

Mark Baiada officially retired as CEO this August, right before he was recognized by BAYADA employees on Glassdoor’s “Highest Rated CEOs” list for his concerted effort to “create a supportive environment.” Judging by Cubitt’s long-term tenure with BAYADA and the recent honor as a Glassdoor “Best Place to Work in 2018,” we'd say he was clearly successful.

To see Cubitt's reaction to meeting Mark Baiada, view the video here.

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