While the #icebucketchallenge was capturing the nation's attention and raising awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) among the general public, clinical experts at BAYADA Home Health Care were working with the national chapter of The ALS Association to develop and pilot a unique and proprietary seven-part training program for BAYADA Home Health Aides to meet the specific and individual needs of those living with ALS. 

Topics of the seven-part series focus on the most common themes affecting those with ALS: speech and communication, swallowing and nutrition, mobility, pain management, and elimination, as well as psychosocial and respiratory issues.

"We are proud of our partnership with The ALS Association and the work we've done together to develop specialized trainings that meet the specific care needs of those living with the ALS," said Mark Baiada, founder and president of BAYADA. "We are humbled and grateful to help so many families affected by the disease to live their lives to the fullest--until there's a cure."

Led by BAYADA Relationship Marketing Manager Tracy Sideris, the trainings were successfully piloted in several offices and collaboratively approved and finalized by clinical experts at BAYADA (Chief Nursing Officer Barb Collin and Director of Adult Clinical Operations Lindsay Konrad) and clinical professionals from select ALS Certified Centers of Excellence and The ALS Association, including National Director for Chapter Services Cynthia Knoche.

Congratulations to the BAYADA team, including Relationship Marketing Manager Tracy Sideris; Associates Liz Oberer and Emma Straub; Clinical Managers Cecilia Weber and Carol Bishop; Directors Sheila Drummond, Michelle Nadler, and Lydia Gemmer; Division Director Carole McMahon; Chief Marketing and Government Affairs Officer Dave Totaro; and Founder and President Mark Baiada.

For more resources, visit www.bayada.com/ALS

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