On Tuesday, June 27, Division Director of Enterprise Recruitment Strategy Ashley Wharton represented BAYADA at the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2017 Health Care Conference at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia.

Wharton, and other leading experts from the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Medical Society, Drexel University, and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at Penn, shared insights through panel discussions before a crowd of more than 150 industry executives.

On the topic of "Health Care Hiring: Where the Jobs Are," Wharton discussed opportunities: home health aide jobs are expected to grow by 38% in the next decade—and challenges: the US will need more than 1 million nurses by 2022. 

Consensus among the experts—regardless of which care setting or institution they represented—was that home health care providers, like BAYADA, will offer the most job growth potential of any of the health care sectors while jobs in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities will decline. They also agreed that soft skills will become increasingly important for health care jobs in the future.

Dr. Paul Harrington, Director of Drexel's Center for Labor Markets and Policy, shared how providers like BAYADA are better positioned for the future because they are lower in cost among other providers in the health care continuum. From an employer standpoint, that positions BAYADA as a more stable option for a long-term career.

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