On Saturday, May 19, BAYADA Home Health Care Client Services Manager Charlene Scott, who works in the company's Media, PA home health office, was recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Linda Siessel Award for Excellence in Client Services Leadership.  Scott was recognized for her unwavering support of BAYADA clients and the skilled professionals who care for them.

Named in honor of Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel, this annual award pays tribute to a client services manager who demonstrates excellence in advocating for home health care clients, building relationships, resolving challenges, and supporting company growth. Scott was selected from the company’s pool of hundreds of client services managers working in more than 325 offices in 22 states, and was honored on stage at BAYADA’s annual Awards Weekend in front of an audience of more than 2,000 employees at the Charlotte, NC Convention Center.

“I am extremely humbled to receive this award,” said Scott. “Thank you to all of you who make it easy for me to do what I love to do—and I love to come to work every day.”

As a client services manager with BAYADA for 14 years, Scott works to ensure that all BAYADA clients receive the care they need, matching the best home health care professional with each client.  Admired as smart, strong, kind, helpful, and unwaveringly professional and efficient, Scott is a trusted advisor and vibrant advocate for clients and staff alike. Her motto, “We can make it work,” really sets the tone and can-do attitude for their growing office.

Scott’s Associate Director Colleen Gable says, “What you first notice about Charlene are her smile and calm demeanor, and how she makes you feel – special!  No matter how many balls are in the air, when Charlene talks to you, you are her only focus, and you instantly feel incredibly supported and important to her and her team. She embodies BAYADA’s core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability in everything she does.”  

Scott’s teammates agree that her incredible resolve and leadership have been integral to their success, and that she’s one of the most positive, hardworking, amazing, inspiring people they’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Sandra H., the sister and family caregiver of one of Scott’s clients, remarked that in the eight years since her brother’s catastrophic injury, everything related to his care seems to have become more difficult, complicated, and frustrating—everything except BAYADA, that is. “When I call Charlene, I don’t need to go into detail or plead for help,” she said. “She instantly responds with ‘we’re on it,’ and I know that whatever my brother needs, it will be done.”

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