On Saturday, April 27, BAYADA Home Health Care Client Services Manager (CSM) Diane Maddams, who works in the company’s Wilmington, DE adult nursing office, was recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Linda Siessel Award for Excellence in Client Services Leadership. Maddams was selected as the recipient of this award for her unwavering support of BAYADA clients and the skilled professionals who care for them.

Named in honor of BAYADA Practice President Linda Siessel, who leads the company’s Home Care Unit and Assistive Care State Programs, this annual award pays tribute to a client services manager who demonstrates excellence in advocating for home health care clients, building relationships, resolving challenges, and supporting company growth. Maddams was selected from the company’s pool of hundreds of client services managers working in more than 360 service offices in 23 states, and was honored on stage at BAYADA’s annual Awards Weekend in front of an audience of 2,900 employees at the Philadelphia, PA Convention Center.

Recalling the experience, Diane Maddams says, “I was stunned when Linda called my name and I made my way on stage. Receiving this award has been my proudest moment at BAYADA, because it recognizes my passion and dedication to our clients and field staff. The LPNs and RNs who work in our clients’ homes are the backbone of it all. I can’t say enough about the life-changing work they do! I feel so lucky to do a job I love, for a company I love, helping to take care of people I love. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of my amazing BAYADA team, making such a difference to so many clients and families.”

As a client services manager with BAYADA for 17 years, Maddams works to ensure that all BAYADA clients receive the care they need, matching the best home health care professional with each client. Loved and respected for her warmth, dedication, and addictive energy, Maddams is a natural leader and mentor in her office and for other CSMs across the country. Her clients and colleagues trust her completely, and Maddams boasts an incredible record for maintaining high client satisfaction, reliability, and business growth.

Maddam’s Director Judeth Smith says, “Diane has great relationships with our field staff and client families. They call her a miracle worker, because Diane always makes sure that both the client experience and the employee experience are excellent. She is a role model who embodies BAYADA’s core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability in everything she does.”

Maddams’ teammates agree that Diane’s “humor, hustle, passion, and perseverance” inspire them, drive their success, and contribute to why they love what they do.

Michelle Watts, director of BAYADA’s assistive care office in Wilmington, DE, says, “I learned so much from Diane about The BAYADA Way and what it means to always do the right thing and always go the extra mile. Diane is a pleasure to be around, and she never hesitates to ask how others are doing or what they need. Diane helped me be a better leader and gives us all a barometer of what great looks like.”

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