This June, BAYADA Home Health Care Client Services Manager Dottie McAllister, who works in one of the company's Philadelphia offices, was recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Linda Siessel Award for Excellence in Client Services Leadership for unwavering support of BAYADA clients and the skilled professionals who care for them.

Named in honor of Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel who began her career at BAYADA over 30 years ago, this annual award pays tribute to a client services manager who demonstrates excellence in advocating for home health care clients, building relationships, resolving challenges, and supporting company growth. McAllister was selected from the company’s pool of hundreds of client services managers working in over 325 offices in 22 states, and was honored on stage at BAYADA’s annual Awards Weekend in front of an audience of 2,500 employees at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

“It is an enormous honor and a humbling experience to receive this award,” said McAllister. As a client services manager, McAllister works to ensure that all BAYADA clients receive the care they need, matching the best home health care professional with each client for an average of 1,400 service hours every week. It’s a challenging job that McAllister has been performing for 22 years, and today, she can boast an impressive 98.3% average reliability rate.

McAllister’s Division Director Kevin Campbell says,“Dottie’s devotion to the company makes her stand apart. Dottie’s deeply connected to BAYADA’s purpose, she genuinely cares about people, and she goes out of her way to help.”

Campbell continues, “Dottie’s colleagues trust her judgement, admire her flexibility, and say they wouldn’t want anyone else by their side. And most importantly, her clients really appreciate her.”

One of Dottie’s current clients says, “She has made my struggles easier, my worries less, and she most definitely defines integrity.” 

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