BAYADA Home Health Care Area Director of Government Affairs Louise Lindenmeier, RN, BSN, was recently honored with the Martha Esposito Award from the Home Care and Hospice Association of New Jersey. This award is presented annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the home care and hospice industry.

Lindenmeier received the award in recognition for her 43 years of devoted service as an advocate for disabled children, adults, and seniors, as well as the compassionate health care professionals who enable them to remain in the comfort and safety of home. Throughout her career, Lindenmeier has played an instrumental role in educating legislators, regulators, and professional associations on the value of home health care, and how it can improve the quality of life for thousands of people while reducing costs for an over-burdened health care system.

“As an advocate for some of the most vulnerable members of the communities we serve, Louise’s impact on home care and hospice has been deeply felt throughout her impressive career,” said BAYADA CEO David Baiada. “On behalf of the clients and clinicians she champions for, we thank Louise for her compassion and commitment, and congratulate her on this worthy recognition.”

After starting her career as a nurse in 1976, Lindenmeier continued her commitment to preserving her patients’ comfort, independence, and dignity ever since. This includes organizing home visit opportunities for legislators to understand the value of home care and serving as the driving force behind a law developed to protect medically fragile children receiving nursing care at school. Lindenmeier also worked with Assemblywoman Carol Murphy to introduce legislation to allow families to purchase modified vans with funds from the Catastrophic Fund, without having to shoulder the cost of the van before being reimbursed.

Lindenmeier has also played an important role in protecting and enhancing the rights of her fellow home health care colleagues in New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. She has advocated for increases to state-mandated minimum wage and fought for fair reimbursement rates for care of the state’s elderly and fragile residents. She also worked with New Jersey legislators to draft and pass the Parking Accessibility Bill, which ensured workers were able to park in restricted communities, and in doing so, set the standard for other states to follow. Partnering with other BAYADA Government Affairs members, Lindenmeier also helps oversee and train volunteer advocates who can share their perspectives of those affected by low reimbursement rates.

 “This award does not belong solely to me,” Lindenmeier said when she accepted the award. “It also belongs to the thousands of home health care employees, clients, and families who have shared their stories, who have made sure their voices are heard, and who have become fierce and relentless advocates for themselves, and also for those unable to advocate for themselves.”

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