On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, BAYADA’s management gathered at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia to launch the BAYADA Center for Integrative Care, an effort focused on developing seamless, integrated care delivery and client experience across BAYADA’s unique offering of multiple in-home services.  

Throughout the day, the founding members of the Center listened to client stories, participated in breakout sessions, and pledged to pave the way for the future by reciting the Center’s own preamble and signing a BAYADA Center for Integrative Care declaration. The declaration and the entire event prominently displayed the Center for Integrative Care logo that utilizes various rings to symbolize the weaving together of service specialties for a common cause: to help people remain safe and independent at home.

While other home health care companies have tested this approach in the past, BAYADA is dedicated to being the first to make it successful by piloting it in the Philadelphia market. “We are the only company in the country best equipped and experienced to deliver the promise of integrative care for the benefit of our clients,” said BAYADA’s Practice President David Baiada. "Instead of clients sorting through the complex ecosystem of health care services and care, we are building an approach that makes it easy and effective for them. With BAYADA's unique and varied offerings, we will empower clients to take advantage of every line of critical and support services they are entitled to access."

BAYADA's Philadelphia Division Director Kevin Kuzmick says "BAYADA's Philadelphia market is the perfect place to pilot this type of integration because they are already weaving together multiple services for clients. In Philadelphia, we provide every service line to our clients and have no wrong door for clients, referral sources, and those looking for work,"he said.

BAYADA’s Chief Clinical Officer Jennifer Sheets added, "On a high level, the new approach recognizes the holistic needs of BAYADA’s clients while facilitating ongoing and additional services within the Philadelphia market. The Center’s goal is to look beyond specialty care settings while responding to clients’ changing health care needs.”

The team’s collective march toward integrative care includes providing education to teams, reviewing current client plans, discussing new technology like their proprietary DINA, and mapping out finer details of the process. 

“The time is now to harness the collective knowledge, compassion, and experience of BAYADA's 42 years, 10 specialty practices, and more than 26,000 clinicians to be the first to address—comprehensively—the continuum of care opportunity for the communities we serve, and beyond,” said BAYADA’s Chief Marketing Officer Carolina Lobo. “With innovative, integrative care at the bedside, we will be the standard clients and families will come to rely on to find comfort, to heal, and to thrive.”


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