Fifty years ago this month, LGBTQ protesters confronted police outside the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village in New York City.  That event triggered the Gay Rights movement and is why Pride Month is celebrated every June. 

So much has changed in fifty years. Today, the rainbow flag is a universal symbol of the LGBTQ movement and the impact it has had on our culture. At BAYADA, we are committed to embracing diversity in all we do — in who we hire, who we promote, who we care for—not only this month, but throughout the year. Our company credo, The BAYADA Way, focuses on qualities all people share — the need for respect, dignity, and appreciation. We strive to live up to that every day in the work we do and the care we provide. 

BAYADA is committed to ensuring a culture of equality for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

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