Although there are many things in our lives we say are important, our health tends to top that list by a long shot. Despite its status as one of the most crucial services everyone uses at some point in their lives, health care’s ever-changing landscape has made it difficult for innovation to push through. Home health care providers, in particular, have not been traditionally seen as leaders in using advanced technology to deliver better care and service. However, there’s one company in the home health care field that has embraced cutting-edge communication technology to do just that.

When J. Mark Baiada started BAYADA Home Health Care in 1975, he had a vision to help children and adults of all ages experience a better quality of life in the comfort of their own homes.  Not only is it preferred by clients and families, home-based care also gives home health care professionals a better understanding of their clients’ needs, lifestyle, and home environment. Since its inception, BAYADA has grown at an explosive pace, opening nearly 300 service offices throughout the United States and has recently begun expanding internationally as well.

dennis_vallone-1.pngAs BAYADA has grown, it has become vitally important for employees to collaborate and coordinate with one another more than ever before to help ensure they can continue to provide high quality care to its clients. To set coordinated wheels in motion, there has to be a clear and accessible means of communication. For this, BAYADA had set up a number of H.323 video conferencing rooms, for which the service provider charged on a per-minute basis. The hardware was very costly, and in the last year of use, BAYADA had spent over $100,000 on this equipment alone. This kind of operating overhead wasn’t sustainable over the long term. They have since made the decision to move over to Zoom in conjunction with Logitech hardware.  The setup features Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam for huddle rooms, Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e for larger conference rooms, and Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 installed on desktops. The reasons for this change were more than just economical. We sat down with Dennis Vallone, BAYADA’s network administrator, who oversaw the transition to hear what he had to say about how Zoom and Logitech are helping BAYADA employees stay connected.

 “We wanted to empower our users to use video conferencing and online collaboration from their desktops. Our vision was to enable our users to collaborate from any device over all types of connections while providing a rich video conferencing experience,” said Vallone. “This was our main priority. Our adoption has since grown to over 1,800 users registered with Zoom throughout the company in over 300 locations, including our offices in India and Germany.”

Traditional conference room system providers do not have a simple procedure for communicating with desktop computers, let alone other devices such as tablets or smartphones. With Zoom Rooms featuring Logitech technology, however, BAYADA was able to integrate  out-of-the-box Mac computers to build an economical conference room system with a higher level of service and reliability than other enterprise-oriented systems that connects to all other Zoom-supported devices.

“We use Zoom to tie us all together right from the comfort of our desktops,” Vallone told us. “When Zoom announced Zoom Rooms, it was a ‘eureka’ moment for us because we wanted to be able to tie our desktop users with our conference rooms so that we could have the same simplicity in our conference rooms that Zoom offers us at the desktop layer.”

Since adopting Zoom’s  software and Logitech hardware, BAYADA saw a swift change in the way people approached their work. “People are no longer picking up the phone to dial into a teleconference or driving between all of our dispersed offices. They are able to communicate through Zoom from the comfort of their desktops,” said Dennis Vallone. “In fact, today some 600 company meetings a week take place via video -- a number that continues to grow.”

Aside from convenience, Zoom also presents an economical benefit for both the employee and the employer. The employee does not need to spend fuel, time, and effort to engage in a conversation and the employer does not need to pay for the astronomical expenses involved in maintaining an outdated teleconferencing infrastructure. Zoom has a strong track record with easy adoption and flexible integration with existing infrastructure, making it a strong contender for businesses looking to reassess their current video conferencing software.

“The number-one reason we’ve switched over to Zoom is because it is an all-around high-quality product that’s very easy to use,” said Vallone. Logitech’s conference cameras play a central role in the quality. The Logitech cc3000e ConferenceCam in particular allows for Zoom’s HD video to shine with 1080p video and enterprise-quality audio, which also offers users the option to conduct audio conferences. Additionally, BAYADA employees appreciate the convenience and ease of controlling the Logitech camera’s pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) directly from Zoom Room software.  

“On the technical side,” continued Vallone, “Zoom handles internet latency and packet loss very well. On the economic side, it’s very cost effective compared to other solutions that are currently on the market. These are the top reasons why we switched to Zoom.”

 By using Zoom and Logitech, BAYADA Home Health Care is able to integrate a multitude of platforms into its entire communications ecosystem within a non-proprietary package that its employees find very easy to use.

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