Laerdal Medical Corporation, a world leader in providing training, education, and therapy products for lifesaving and emergency care, presented BAYADA Home Health Care with the Pinnacle Award for Collaboration in Education (PACE). BAYADA received this prestigious honor for demonstrating excellence in innovative simulation programs to help save lives and improve patient care.  BAYADA is a national provider of care at home to children, adult, and seniors.

According to BAYADA Clinical Simulation Lead Adult Nursing Practice Angie Shaw, RN, BSN, simulation training uses realistic, life-like, computerized adult and pediatric manikins that allow nurses to respond to routine and emergency situations in a safe, controlled setting. This helps build the confidence and skills necessary to work one-on-one in the home with a patient with complex medical needs. BAYADA is leading the way in offering this training that is typically only available in a hospital setting.

“The pediatric manikins simulate changes in respiration, circulation, and color,” explained BAYADA Director of Pediatric Simulation Operations Heather Kuzara, RN, BSN, CHSE. “The manikins make crying, coughing, and hiccup sounds, heart sounds that include a heart murmur, and normal lung sounds as well as crackling and wheezing. They also have eyes that open and close and some can even have a seizure on command.”

The PACE Award emphasizes leadership and innovation in simulation-based curriculum development, teaching, research, and community engagement.

“Central to Laerdal values is the spirit of collaboration with our partners and customers. BAYADA Home Health Care continues to distinguish itself through outstanding collaborative practice and their commitment to achieving better patient outcomes,” said Laerdal Medical Corporation President David Johnson. “It is with great pleasure to recognize BAYADA for their drive to excellence and leadership in simulation training.”  

BAYADA Division Director Recruitment and Retention Michael Ward echoed the sentiments of his colleagues as he accepted the PACE Award. “We were thrilled to receive this recognition from Laerdal Medical Corporation,” he said. “This honor reaffirms our commitment to raising our simulation program to a higher level. I am grateful to the clinical leaders throughout the company who have embraced this technology, which has helped us to train more nurses and ultimately, care for more people in their homes.”

BAYADA offers simulation training for nurses at numerous locations throughout the country. To learn more, visit

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