Raleigh resident Kathy Hawley, RN, clinical liaison for BAYADA Pediatrics, a specialty of BAYADA Home Health Care, received the prestigious Ann Baiada Award for Excellence in Clinical Leadership. BAYADA, a leading, national home health care provider, recently honored Hawley at the company’s annual conference in Washington, DC.

“I am humbled and surprised to be recognized for doing something I really love, each and every day,” shared Hawley, who has helped to improve the quality of life for children with profound physical and developmental disabilities for 34 years. “Nothing can compare to the feeling of going into a home and having a child who has just come home from the hospital look up at me and give me a big smile. It’s what keeps me coming back!”

Hawley joined BAYADA in 2001, bringing many years of home care experience with her to the pediatric patients in New Jersey who benefitted from her care. When she relocated to Raleigh in 2006, the local BAYADA office offered her an opportunity to continue her career of caring for children with special needs. One year later, when a clinical leadership position became available, Michelle Hudgins, director of the BAYADA office in Raleigh, had only one person in mind, Kathy Hawley.

“Getting Kathy to become our clinical manager was one of the most exciting moments for me since I have been at BAYADA,” shared Hudgins. “I have never for one moment regretted that decision, as she in incredible.”

According to Hudgins, Hawley’s impact makes a positive difference on the nurses who benefit from her leadership, and the pediatric clients who benefit from her care. As a clinical manager responsible for supervising a team of field nurses, Hawley earned a reputation for being a kind, gentle, and professional manager who encourages critical thinking, supports career growth, and demonstrates her patience and skill during times of crisis.

What’s more, Hawley has left an indelible mark on the lives of parents of special needs children. According the Hudgins, she is often the first point of contact for parents coping with a devastating diagnosis, such as brain damage or spinal muscular atrophy.

As an experienced clinician, she is able to help parents understand the complex aspects of their child’s care, including the use of sophisticated medical equipment. She is always available to help parents make informed and often difficult decisions and is a strong shoulder to lean on when coping with a devastating illness.

She will visit children in the hospital, make multiple calls to family members, and is a steady, reassuring presence while a family is coping with the death of a child.

Following her success as a clinical manager, Hawley took on the role of clinical liaison, working in partnership with the health care professionals at Duke children’s Hospital and UNC Children’s Hospital to transition children with complex medical needs from the hospital to home.

“Kathy is one of the most caring and conscientious home health nurses that I have ever met,” said Heather Harrison, patient resource manager at Duke Children’s Hospital. “When I send a medically complex child to BAYADA for care, I know that the child will receive impeccable care because of Kathy’s guidance and education of the nursing staff. BAYADA is fortunate to have such a giving individual who puts her patients’ safety and quality of life as her top priorities.”

The Ann Baiada Award, a tribute to BAYADA Director Ann Baiada, RN, CRRN, was established in 2006 to honor clinical leaders who are a true role model committed to excellence in the area of clinical leadership development.


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