During National Physical Therapy Month, BAYADA Home Health Care is celebrating BAYADA Physical Therapist (PT) John Robinson, an in-home rehabilitation specialist whose expertise and compassion were recognized with the company’s 2012 National PT Hero of the Year Award.

“John Robinson is my hero because he opened the door for me to live again,” said Collette Neal, a client who needed care from Robinson due to an upper arm fracture that resulted from a fall. Neal was facing multiple challenges in her life at the time she met Robinson.

“At the time I was very despondent,” Neal remembered. “I had just lost two children, and I was like a zombie. I was so emotionally upset. And then I fell, and John came into my life as my therapist. I was in a great deal of pain. It’s not easy doing exercises, and at that point, I really didn’t care one way or another. He kept my spirits up. John was there for me when I wanted to give up.”

Robinson’s expert care and compassionate nature have earned him a stellar reputation in the practice of physical therapy. He was previously awarded with the national Lucy Blair Service Award from the American Physical Therapy Association for outstanding contributions to the physical therapy profession, and Arcadia University presents an annual award in his name to a student who’s made outstanding contributions to the overall morale of the graduating PT class.

Louise Hepburn, another one of Robinson’s clients, explained, “It’s not only about the care he gives you, but it’s what he says to you…what comes through. He’s compassionate. He’s loving. He’s caring.”

Robinson’s compassion may come from his many years as a caregiver for his own son who had disabilities. He often says that while his son was disabled on earth, he can now “stand tall in heaven.” Chosen from among more than 400 therapists, Robinson humbly noted that the best part of receiving the honor was having his family by his side at the ceremony.

Established in 1999, the Hero on the Home Front Program recognizes care professionals who consistently demonstrate the BAYADA core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability. Each quarter, local heroes are nominated by their clients and peers, and the award recipients are honored in a local celebration. From the local heroes, division heroes are chosen. And finally, a national hero is selected for four disciplines, and each of the four is recognized at the annual awards ceremony.

Both Neal and Hepburn received in-home physical therapy to improve functioning through therapeutic exercise, balance and coordination training, and education. Physical therapy plays a critical role in helping clients reduce pain, improve mobility, and return to optimal wellness.

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