More than 170 BAYADA Home Health Care employees and clients from across Pennsylvania united on the capitol steps in Harrisburg on Tuesday, April 16, and met with legislators throughout the day.

Their message: increase Medicaid reimbursement for pediatric in-home skilled nursing care. The sixth annual BAYADA Day celebration featured a press event, with speakers including Senator Patricia Vance; Representatives Marguerite Quinn and Glen Grell; parents of BAYADA clients; Government Affairs Area Director Anita Weinberg; and BAYADA Chief Marketing and Government Affairs Officer David Totaro.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Sen. Vance. Citing the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s HCUP Kids’ Inpatient Database study, she added, “The median Medicaid cost to care for a medically complex child in a hospital is $2,951 per day.” According to Totaro, BAYADA can care for the same child at home for only a fraction of that cost. Lisa Butler, the parent of BAYADA client Sophia, who has cerebral palsy, added, “This isn't rocket science, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m asking to take care of our child, to be functional 
members of society.”

When meeting with their legislators, BAYADA advocates focused on the need for a $10 per hour increase in the Medicaid shift nursing rate for in-home pediatric care. According to Totaro, home health care agencies struggle to recruit nurses to care for children at home, because Medicaid rates are inadequate.

“There are medically fragile children in hospitals that are medically ready to be discharged,” said Totaro. “With fair rates, we can make sure these kids come home as soon as possible. We look forward to continuing our work with the state on this important issue.”

BAYADA Ambassadors in Harrisburg, PA for BAYADA Advocacy Day

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