BAYADA Pediatrics, a specialty of BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading provider of home health care services, is a national sponsor of Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA) for the second consecutive year. FSMA is an organization dedicated to supporting families affected by SMA and to fund research leading to a treatment, and, eventually, a cure.

“Our nurses across the country help children with SMA live in the comfort of home, surrounded by loved ones, where they want to be,” shared BAYADA Pediatrics Practice Leader Karen Buttler. “It seemed only natural to continue to partner with an organization that shares our commitment to improving the lives of these children, and their families.”

FSMA has been coordinating a National SMA Awareness Month each August since 1996. SMA is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of two. The inherited disease destroys the nerves controlling voluntary muscle movement, which affects crawling, walking, head and neck control, and even swallowing. Two newborn are affected each day in the US, approximately 1 in 6,000 live births.

As a national sponsor, BAYADA will continue to work with clinical experts at FSMA to develop nursing education and training programs. In addition, BAYADA will participate in the FSMA Annual Meeting attended by leading researchers from all over the world.

“Providing community service where we live and work is an integral part of The BAYADA Way, our company’s mission, vision, and beliefs,” shared Buttler. “During our inaugural year of partnering with FSMA, our employees participated in Walk-n-Roll events across the country, raising funds, awareness, and providing education and resources to families who are affected by spinal muscular atrophy. Through our renewed national sponsorship, we hope to increase our involvement on the national and the grassroots level.”

BAYADA President and Founder Mark Baiada has been a long-time supporter of FSMA. “I became involved through my colleague, friend, and psychologist Dr. Al Freedman, whose son Jack was diagnosed with the disease at the age of six months. Jack is now 18, and over the years I have come to understand the challenges his family faces on a daily basis,” shared Baiada. “Through our national sponsorship, BAYADA has an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of more and more families across the country.”

The FSMA Walk-n-Roll fund raising program is held in local communities across the country. To participate in a Walk-n-Roll event, visit

BAYADA Pediatrics provides nursing care in the home and in school for children with a wide range of diagnoses from birth through adolescence. Nurses receive age and diagnosis-specific training, as well as extensive education on caring for children who require a tracheostomy and ventilator to breathe. 

Founded in 1975 by J. Mark Baiada, BAYADA Home Health Care provides nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic, hospice, and assistive care services to children, adults, and seniors in the comfort of their homes. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, BAYADA employs more than 18,000 nurses, home health aides, therapists, medical social workers, and other home health care professionals who serve their communities from more than 250 offices in 25 states and India. For more information, visit

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