BAYADA's Chief Recruiting Officer Melinda Phillips shared her expertise in Chicago at the Post-acute Link conference, the first event of its kind to bring together leading providers from all post-acute sectors to discuss the future of value-based care. Phillips and other leading experts drove a panel discussion about "Winning Staffing Strategies for Post-acute Providers."

With a global health care staffing crisis estimated to get progressively worse, providers are faced with the challenges of an increasing demand for labor, a decreasing pool of available candidates, and shrinking reimbursement rates from payors. Phillips sees the challenges as opportunities to adapt and evolve and was tapped to discuss BAYADA's unique culture and the challenges of sustaining it.

"It's all about people," she explained. "We look for those who are passionate about our mission and want to carry that on into the future. They love what they do and have it in their hearts that it’s their calling. We're always asking ourselves, 'What else can we be doing to support them with technology, training, recognition, and more?'"

Within the realm of technology, BAYADA is employing a variety of innovative platforms that help caregivers accomplish their work with increasing effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency--allowing them to focus on what's most important to them: caring for their clients and appreciating the one-on-one interactions each day.

Although flexibility of scheduling is pretty universal in home health care, Phillips shared that they've expanded upon the concept of flexibility. "We’ve taken that benefit and broadened it through various innovative programs to include flexibility of career paths, specialties, client population, diagnosis-specific training, continuing education, and more. If people are a fit for our culture, we want them to stay with BAYADA—even if it means moving to another office or another role in the company."

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