Working for BAYADA as a registered nurse clinical manager for nearly three years, Captain Duston Brown was part-time in the Air Force on reserve duty when he was called upon for active duty in March. While in Afghanistan, he was in charge of stabilizing patients and assessing whether or not it was safe to transport them to another base for specialized care. Just in time for Thanksgiving, his BAYADA friends and colleagues welcome him home.

After being away for eight months, Brown's first stop was to his daughter’s first grade class, detailed in an article published by The Current.

Along his journey, his BAYADA colleagues supported him by sending care packages to him and his team. One colleague even started a “Nurses on Deployment” fund. Nurses on Deployment (NOD) is a non-profit group comprised of health care providers and individuals who participate in sports events with the focus on mental health and individual empowerment. 

“I am very fortunate,” says Brown. “BAYADA has been very supportive of me while I have been deployed and understand my obligations. They now have a group that continues to collect items to ship to nurses who are deployed overseas.”

Director of the BAYADA Atlantic City office, Maryann Prudhomme, recalls her entire office missing his calm, laid-back demeanor, even though they were able to speak to him on the phone occasionally.

“We are so thankful that he served our country and that he is now home safe and sound,” says Prudhomme.” He is a very dedicated, kind, and caring nurse. His clients love him and his employees appreciate him.”

During this season of Thanksgiving, BAYADA welcomes Brown home and thanks him for all of his hard work and commitment to the country, the company, and his clients. He will resume his position as a clinical manager at the end of November.

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