BAYADA Home Health Care Founder and President Mark Baiada was named the “Champion of Leadership that Works” honoree by ConantLeadership. This award was created to recognize and celebrate leaders who embody the principles of leadership that works, including inspiring trust, creating direction, clarifying higher purpose, building vitality, driving alignment, executing with excellence, and producing extraordinary results.

ConantLeadership founder and CEO Douglas R. Conant, a bestselling author with more than 40 years of global leadership experience, handpicks the winner from a list of nominations.

“I am humbled to receive recognition for something that is so close to my heart—setting in motion a special purpose to which other like-minded individuals can join and create their own legacies of helping people,” said Baiada. “We hope that our philosophy, The BAYADA Way, will guide generations of our care professionals for the next 100 years.”

According to Conant, Baiada was an easy choice. “Mark stood out to me, among the nominees, as a leader who really ‘walks the talk’ in delivering meaningful value to all stakeholders in an enlightened and mission-driven way. BAYADA’s three core values of 'compassion, excellence, and reliability' align with the leadership behaviors we advocate. His leadership inspires leaders of all levels.”

Read the full announcement here.

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