Ruscombmanor Township, Berks County (PA) resident Amy Doerrman, RN, associate director of the BAYADA Pediatrics office in Reading, PA, was recognized with the Ann Baiada Award for Excellence in Nursing Leadership from BAYADA Home Health Care.  Doerrman’s husband and children watched as she was honored for exemplifying the highest standards of nursing excellence before more than 1,900 employees at the company’s recent annual awards meeting in Charlotte, NC.

The Ann Baiada Award, a tribute to BAYADA Director Ann Baiada, RN, CRRN, was established in 2006 to honor nursing leaders who are true role models and who are committed to excellence in the area of nursing leadership development.  Doerrman was chosen from among 20 BAYADA nursing leaders nominated for the award based on their ability to exemplify Baiada’s legacy to “empower, inspire, and support” those whose lives they touch through their work at BAYADA. 

Doerrman was described as someone who demonstrates exceptional care and kindness, as well as a loyalty to excellence.  She was called a wonderful teacher and mentor who leads with her heart. This was exemplified when she helped one of her nurses with an infant client who was sent home from the hospital, to a foster home, in respiratory distress and on oxygen.  Realizing he was too sick to have been discharged home, Doerrman accompanied the foster mother back to the hospital to ensure he got the care he needed. She fell in love with that little boy that day.  Later, when she found out he would be headed to yet another foster family, she stepped in and decided to become his foster parent. Eventually, she and her husband adopted the child as their own, and today Blake is an active and thriving three-year-old. 

“I was shocked to be named an Ann Baiada Award recipient,” Doerrman said. “It’s such an honor just to be considered, and to actually receive it is indescribable. This job is my passion, and being recognized for something that I love means so much to me. I feel so blessed to work at BAYADA.”  

Baiada is grateful for the inspiring nurse leaders who make a lasting impression on the lives they touch, and help the company create a lasting legacy.

“The role of our nurse leaders is critically important for the care and safety of our clients—especially in home health care,” Baiada said. “They are advocates for our clients, and mentors and role models for our nurses. To have the best nurses, we need the best mentors. We need nurses who love nursing.”

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