BAYADA Home Health Care and Brightview Senior Living are celebrating Active Aging Week with special SPICE in Motion events at Brightview communities across the country, and are launching a new collection of testimonials that highlights seniors who are living more vibrant lives thanks to this one-of-a-kind wellness program.   

Built on research that shows regular exercise among seniors can lead to fewer falls, greater functional capacity, sustained cognitive function and reduced feelings of isolation and depression, Brightview and BAYADA offer tailored, data-driven programs to help seniors live more vibrant lives and increase their Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional wellness. Led by certified, professional BAYADA fitness specialists, SPICE in Motion programming offers residents tailored fitness activities to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating, and positive lifestyles for residents.

“The best medicine that exists for both cognitive and physical wellness is exercise,” said Martha McClung, Brightview’s Director of Vibrant Living. “SPICE in Motion provides our residents the necessary tools to help them achieve their mobility goals, while providing essential opportunities to build camaraderie with their fellow residents and stimulate their brains.”

Unlike other fitness programs, the SPICE in Motion process begins with a survey of each community to determine activity participation, exercise interest, health risks and functional needs. Following the survey, a customized wellness program is designed for each community based on the needs and interests of the residents.

"Brightview is really at the forefront of fitness with this program, and BAYADA is proud to partner with them to power it,” said BAYADA Director of Fitness and Wellness Jonathan Simensen. “This program helps us to live BAYADA’s mission—to help people have safe home lives with comfort, independence and dignity, and to increase the qualities of our clients’ lives—every day by helping Brightview residents realize their wellness goals and live more vibrant lives.”

SPICE in Motion builds on an ongoing partnership in which BAYADA provides specialized fitness programs for Brightview Senior Living residents in the comfort of their community.  The partnership is proven to help reduce falls and prevent avoidable hospitalizations or transfers to other care facilities.

To celebrate Active Aging Week, Brightview and BAYADA are hosting special SPICE in Motion classes and additional resident programming at communities throughout the country. Active Aging Week is an international annual event founded by the International Council of Active Aging in which hundreds of thousands of adults aged 50 and older participate in a multitude of activities in an atmosphere of fun, friendship, adventure, and positive perceptions of aging.

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