Mat always wanted to work with children, but he started his nursing career in the adult world and stayed there for a few years.  Mat decided it was time to live his dream and made the leap to pediatric home care after he heard about the amazing hands-on education and support BAYADA Pediatrics offered to prepare him.  After all, ‘flying without a net” while caring for a sick child at home could be a scary proposition.  In order for a nurse to gain confidence and pediatric skill proficiency, proper preparation is essential.

BAYADA Pediatrics is committed to excellence for its nurses and pediatric clients and their families.  We want the best care and support available for everyone we serve. Are you, too, as Mat, ready to live your dream?  Here is how we will make that happen.

  • The preceptor education program (PEP) starts you on your way.  You will learn basic pediatric nursing skills and have the opportunity to demonstrate that you have mastered each skill before moving on.
  • The Family Centered Care training is fantastic.  We appreciate the diverse culture, unavoidable stressors and unique needs of each family we serve. We recognize that even the most skilled clinicians may not succeed if they are unable to meet the families “where they live.”  Pediatric home care provides a nurse with an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need us.  Understanding and appreciating clients and families enables trust to grow.
  • The electronic simulation labs are state-of-the art.  They provide you with safe, stress-free skill training before you ever enter the client’s home.  Our simulation educators are all certified trainers and they are determined to help you succeed.
  • The tracheosotmy and ventilator training program is taught by highly experienced intensive care clinicians and they will make sure that you are prepared for the challenge and that your skills are validated before you begin.
  • The clinical managers are the best of the best. They will provide you with continuous support and communication.  You are not alone when a clinical manager is only a phone call away.
  • On the job training and orientation is provided by nurses who are familiar with the care of the child to whom you have been assigned.  They will stay by your side at the bedside until you are ready to go solo.
  •  In the future, you may want to take our Preceptor Training Course.  Once you have gained confidence and experience, you may want to share your talents with other nurses.  After all, a preceptor in your past was instrumental in your success.  This is an opportunity to “pay it forward.”
  • BAYADA Pediatrics offers an expansive library of free continuing education modules (CEs) to enhance your nursing practice and to help you meet the requirements for nursing license renewal.

Watch Mat’s video…and ask yourself…Is this me?  And let us know what you think of the video in your comments!

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Founded in 1975, BAYADA has become a trusted leader in providing a full range of clinical care and support services at home for children and adults of all ages. With more than 360 offices with 28,000 employees in 23 states and 6 countries, BAYADA has remained true to Mark’s commitment to purpose by finding, training, and supporting employees who take pride and joy in healing and helping.

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