Heather Kuzara, RN

Heather Kuzara, RN, is director of Pediatric Simulation Operations at BAYADA. She researches, develops, and programs the scenarios in addition to training new simulation educators to use the equipment, run the scenarios, and perform effective debriefing at the end of each simulation session. Heather also oversees the clinical competency of the program, develops and updates policies and procedures, creates simulation curriculum that supports classroom learning, researches current evidence-based practices to develop and update the scenarios, and collects data regarding the use of the simulators and learner feedback analysis to determine satisfaction with the training session.

Posts By Heather Kuzara, RN

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Heather Kuzara, RN   |     24, Mar 2022

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Heather Kuzara, RN   |     28, Sep 2017

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