Why did you decide to be a nurse? Can you pinpoint that moment when you realized there was no other path for you than to provide heartfelt care to others? For Clinical Manager Crystal Lee, RN, her defining moment was when as a high school freshman, she began caring for her father who had multiple myeloma. Caring for someone in need came so naturally to Crystal, that she instantly knew nursing was her calling. It was that compassionate purpose that brought her to BAYADA Home Health Care.

"When you find something as natural as breathing, that's what you want to do"

Crystal was a registered nurse with BAYADA for 12 years, providing one-on-care to people in their homes before transitioning to a nursing management position. Nurse managers like Crystal, offer advice and guidance with broad clinical knowledge, contributing to the confidence of other health care professionals and the growth of an entire team.

Typically, a clinical manager wears many hats beyond a nurse’s cap. The best managers are good listeners, compassionate caretakers, and offer an understanding shoulder to cry on when needed. If you are looking to advance your career as a nurse manager, you must be a leader and a mentor, selflessly giving of your time, knowledge, and experience to help others.  You’ll not only help nurses provide a higher level of care to their patients, you can also play a pivotal role in helping them reach the next level in their careers.

A Home Health Care Agency

As a clinical nurse manager, you may also find yourself working alongside other health care professionals to ensure you and your team are meeting and exceeding industry standards. It is your job to ensure that the nurses under your leadership embrace those standards, helping to improve their patients’ outcomes.

“When somebody needs you, you’re that person.”

Crystal truly exhibits what it means to be an excellent nurse and manager. In her position, she leads a team of home health care nurses all dedicated to one purpose: helping people have a safe home life with comfort, independence, and dignity. She counsels and trains her health care team, continually sharing the little things that make a big difference when caring for others.

“You need a compassionate heart,” explains Crystal. “When you’re getting ready to leave work and the phone rings and somebody needs you—to talk, to vent—you’re that person.”

Crystal believes being a nurse manager requires patience, due diligence, and the three core values that BAYADA holds dear: compassion, excellence, and reliability.

BAYADA looks for nursing leaders who embody all those qualities and who have a strong desire to play an integral role in helping our clients and shaping the team of nurses who care for them.  They are the perfect balance of mentor and caretaker. Just like Crystal.

So, can you pinpoint that moment when you knew nursing was your calling? Are you ready to take the next step in your career?  Join the BAYADA team and learn what it’s like to work with the best home health care professionals.

In this video Crystal talks about what a career in home health care has meant to her.



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