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As a registered nurse, Bob Bulafka is an exemplary health care professional on the BAYADA Home Health Care team. Passionate and dedicated to his clients Bob says "This is a company I am proud to work for. They share my ideals with compassion, they really want to see the clients progress and heal." In this video Bob discusses his passion for nursing, his work in home health care, and his connection to his clients.

Typically, work in a hospital or other facility setting, demands you divide your time between several patients during your shift. Those patients are coming in and out by the hour, day, or week. Work in the home health care environment involves a new and very different set of dynamics, including one-on-one relationships with your client and their families. You’re in charge of making sure they are comfortable, safe, and stable.

As a home health care registered nurse, your job is a challenge. With different home environments, no day is the same and every hour brings with it a new opportunity to make meaningful one-on-one connections with your client. Your work will be inspired and informed by all of your past experiences whether you’ve worked in a nursing home, a rehabilitation facility, or in a hospital.

When you are working in the home, you are the leader, making decisions with support from your clinical team. This type of care requires preparation, dedication, and an ability to take on any challenges to ensure that your client remains safe, independent, and happy in the comfort of their own homes. 

As a BAYADA RN, you are taking care of one client for your entire shift and that client relies on you to be there. More than just being on time and keeping your word, there are other great expectations for you as a team member.  You are the nurse, the translator, and in your clients eyes, the entire health care team. Using our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability you will see to it that your client remains safe in the comfort of home.

Like Bob, when you work at BAYADA as a registered nurse, you will have that chance day after day, giving that extra amount of compassionate care. Giving just a little more to those who are in need makes our clients feel secure in the fact that they are being well cared for, your client understands you are their priority for as long as you are in their home.

Sometimes, creating that security means being able to just listen. Bob and the rest of the BAYADA team know that being a nurse and health care professional isn’t only about reliability and clinical excellence. As a nurse, comforting someone is being able to hear what your clients need. Easing fears and anxieties or soothing and comforting those who may be angry about their diagnosis. As a BAYADA nurse, you are there to show them true compassion and support. You’re there at their bedside and in their homes to assure your client that you are in their corner, rooting for them to heal.

We’re bringing compassionate care to their homes. The BAYADA team is devoted to seeing our clients progress and being with them every step of the way. We’re standing by their side, feeling and living alongside our patients and our clients.

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