Every day a child is born in Pennsylvania with a serious illness requiring 24/7 care from a highly trained nurse. Many will spend the rest of their lives dependent on their parents, and their nurse, to care for them. Advanced technology has made it possible for these children to come home, now all they need are nurses to take care of their complex needs. Unfortunately, the level of pay for home care nurses is much lower compared to nurses in hospitals, facilities, and even other nursing programs supported by the state due to low reimbursement rates home health care providers receive.

Join us in supporting PA nurses in the home.

Having enough pediatric nurses to provide care in the home of children with serious medical conditions is a growing problem for families living in Pennsylvania. Without being able to hire more highly trained nurses, our children run the risk of ending up in hospitals and other facilities that not only cost a lot more but also split up families from living in the comfort of their home.

When children are cared for in the home setting rather than in a hospital, families stay together and parents can continue to work while their children learn and grow with the safety and comfort of their nurse. Nurses in Pennsylvania providing these services are reimbursed significantly less compared to nurses in surrounding states, despite making sacrifices to provide excellent, compassionate care.

We need your help to make a difference in the lives of children and their nurses ensuring that they stay at home where they want to be. As you read this, PA legislators are making decisions on how much to pay providers that hire home care nurses. They can decide to increase the reimbursement rate or do nothing at all.  It is crucial that as many voices as possible speak out now to make sure the increase in pay for nurses is not delayed any longer. Please considering adding your voice to ours. 

Here's how you can help:

Please take a minute of your time to send a letter in support of the compassionate, excellent, and reliable nurses that take care of Pennsylvania’s seriously ill children.

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