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When you answer the call to serve others and begin a career in health care, there will be many opportunities for you to choose from. Have you considered a career in home health care? With advancing medical technologies, home health care has become the fastest growing segment of the health care industry.

Home is where the heart is and it is where most people want to be. As a home health care professional, you draw on your expertise to inspire wellness and healing.

If you are interested in building meaningful one-on-one relationships and helping people live their best lives at home, here are three steps you can take to land the job of your dreams.

1. Be yourself.

You are caring. You began a career in health care because you have a passion for helping those in need. This passion guided you into the only work you could ever imagine yourself doing. Make sure this passion comes across and you express why you are choosing to pursue a career in home health care.

You are more than just a resume. What you bring to a company is much more than dates of employment and lists of roles and responsibilities. It’s impressive to say that you are a registered nurse, a home health aide, or occupational therapist, but you are much more. Do not be afraid to let your unique qualities shine through.

You are a rock. Home health care is about keeping clients safe in their home, but there is much more to it than that. A good home health care professional brings peace of mind and a dedication to the highest standards of care. During your interview, be sure to clearly communicate your compassion, excellence, and reliability.

2. Do your homework.

Be prepared. Any agency you interview with is hoping to find like-minded individuals who can sincerely relate to the company’s culture. No matter where you interview, know the company’s mission statement and values. You should be informed and prepared enough to share your opinion about the company you are interviewing with.

Be committed. Making a decision to work with home care clients is nothing to take lightly. As a home care professional, you have a responsibility to change lives and influence the health and well-being of your clients. When you begin a career in this field, you must commit yourself to your clients and your team. It’s important to demonstrate this commitment to your interviewer.

Be ready for anything. Even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep your cool and remain calm in the face of any situation. Being a home health care professional means using both your skills and your grace to handle every situation that comes your way.  

3. Lead with a compassionate spirit.

Care about your work. Sharing in the values of a potential employer might get you in the door. From there, you must show that you embody those values. The impact a kind, caring professional has on the healing process is the whole reason you became a health care professional. Wear this work on your sleeve like a badge of honor.

Care about purpose. In an ever-expanding, rewarding health care field, what is your purpose and how will you pursue that passion? Be proud to speak about what you love to do and why. It’s important to share in common values but it is equally important to have your own sense of purpose for doing the work you do. That sense of purpose will make you a trusted professional in the home health care industry.

Care about people. Every client will have their own distinct needs. You must walk into a client’s home ready to learn about their lives and focus on their needs. Often, you are the only person they have to care for them. You must to be prepared to accept this responsibility and be present for your clients every single day, prepared and ready to change their lives for the better.

If you are ready to pursue a career in home health care, contact us today!

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