BAYADA Home Health Care Client Services Manager Barbara Wiseman, who works in the Philadelphia Assistive Care office, was recognized as the recipient of the prestigious Linda Siessel Award for Excellence in Client Services Leadership, for unwavering support of BAYADA clients and the professionals who care for them. BAYADA is an international, nonprofit home health care provider.

Named in honor of Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel, who began her career at BAYADA over 30 years ago, the award pays tribute to the company’s hundreds of client services managers working from over 345 offices in 22 states. The annual award is presented to a client services manager who demonstrates excellence in advocating for home health care clients, building relationships, resolving challenges, and supporting company growth.

Wiseman accepted the award in front of more than 2,400 employees at the company’s annual awards meeting on September 24, which was held virtually in light of the COVID-19 virus.

“When I heard my name called, I was shocked,” said Wiseman. “I am honored to have been nominated, and I thank my colleagues in the Philadelphia office because without teamwork we couldn’t take care of our clients as effectively as we do.”

Wiseman has worked in the Philadelphia office since joining BAYADA 20 years ago. Throughout her career she has matched her clients with the best nurses and home health aides to meet their medical and personal care needs. She currently manages 55 clients who receive more than 3,000 hours of services a week, one of the largest caseloads in the company.

“From the moment Barbara introduces herself to a prospective client, a connection is made.  It’s incredible to witness the relationship unfold and blossom, and I have had the privilege of watching this again and again,” shared BAYADA Director Alicia Kolber. “She naturally finds a shared affinity, dissolving any barriers within moments, and creates a relationship of mutual respect and trust. She is incredibly intuitive and has an innate ability to anticipate the client’s every need, often before they do. I am fortunate to work alongside her and bursting with pride that she represents the Philadelphia office.”

According to the award’s namesake, Linda Siessel, who had the honor of announcing this year’s winner, Wiseman shares deep empathy and honest, heartfelt dedication to everyone she touches. The trust and compassion that clients and their families feel when they speak to her is evidenced by the longevity of her client relationships. The adult son of a client described her as their family’s guardian angel. Always no hassle, no excuses, just excellent customer service.

“In my job there are always new challenges each day and it gives me a sense of purpose and pride to know that I’m making a difference in someone’s life,” said Wiseman. “I truly, truly love what I do!”

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