Home health care agencies are a fundamental part of a successful health care delivery system that helps people remain safe at home. Well-coordinated teams of home health care professionals - both clinical and administrative - help ensure the best possible client outcomes.

These teams of professionals include members that deliver care directly in the home, such as nurses, therapists, and assistive or personal care aides. It also includes members who work outside of the home to ensure that all points of care are being appropriately coordinated. A key member of this team is the client services manager (CSM).

The client services manager - working with a skilled clinical team - is tasked with the important role of determining the services a client will need.

The CSM is one of the first touch points in the delivery of compassionate care, coordinating referrals for new and existing clients. This requires a direct line of communication with clients, their families, and other health care professionals to establish a schedule that is in line with the client’s plan of care. 

Studies show that home health care can improve the overall health of clients, in most cases, regardless of condition.  According to a report published by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, this success comes with the ability to efficiently coordinate care across a team of health care providers.

This is particularly relevant when a client is making a transition from the hospital back to home, as the average home health care client lives with multiple chronic conditions. As clients transition, the ability to communicate effectively with all health care providers and educate the client about their plan of care is vital. 

A study in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, Optimizing Home Health Care: Enhanced Value and Improved Outcomes, shows there is a direct relationship between client education when arranging a plan of care and improvement in the client's health and satisfaction with their services at home. The role of the client services manager is integral to this process. Identifying the necessary educational resources, assigning the appropriate professional to a client’s case, and expressing clearly what the client's needs are to all members of the team help to ensure a smooth transition and optimum outcomes.

While not necessarily clinical staff members—though that is not uncommon—the CSM still has health care or home health care experience, either through work in a home health agency, specifically, or within the health care industry in general. Having that background ensures a client services manager can adeptly assess and interpret key information about client cases.

Skilled mediators, a CSM can easily disseminate information from dozens of facilities and providers to the nurses providing skilled and often complex care to clients. Keeping clients in their homes and out of hospitals takes a healthy dose of perseverance, compassion, and the ability to anticipate the needs of others. They also take into account the unique family dynamics involved in home care.

Ultimately, the role of the client services manager is to ensure that people can stay safe at home throughout the time they need care. The successful CSM delivers service with compassion, excellence, and reliability, while taking a family-centered approach to providing home care services.

With the collaboration of a strong home care team, the client services manager has the power to improve health outcomes. By coordinating care, ensuring ongoing education, and reinforcing treatment plans and expectations, client services managers are an important part of making home health care a reliable and cost-effective choice.

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