Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) Corkisha (Kisha) Pittman was recognized as the national LPN Hero of the Year by BAYADA Home Health Care, a leading provider of in-home care. Chosen from among thousands of nominees, Pittman, who works for BAYADA’s Delaware County, PA Pediatrics office, was selected as a Hero for her special combination of take-charge, can-do attitude along with a warm, humble demeanor that makes her the kind of nurse every client would want to have.

Pittman accepted the prestigious award for exemplifying the highest standards of care before more than 2,600 employees at the company’s annual awards meeting, held virtually in light of the COVID-19 pandemic on May 20. The award was presented by BAYADA CEO David Baiada.

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Pittman brightened the life of Owen Cappella, a teenager with Mitochondrial disease, for five years. She has been a ray of sunshine and a trusted ally in caring for her young client, giving his parents the most precious gift: peace of mind. “I love him like he is part of my own family,” said Pittman. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”

Owen’s parents, Jessica and Steve Cappella, expressed their appreciation for the nurse who not only provided top-notch care to keep their son safe, but who also made his happiness a priority.

“We came home recently to find Owen attempting to dance and sing with his favorite music blasting and Kisha singing and dancing right along. This is love. This is caring. This is fun,” said Jessica Cappella. “Kisha brought a smile to our son’s face that was bigger than ever, and it melted our hearts. What parent could wish for anything more than to know that in our absence, our son was safe, well cared for, and having fun.”

The staff of the BAYADA Delaware County office describe Pittman as the perfect match for Cappella. In addition to her clinical expertise, she offered his parents comfort and support, and became a confidante and a friend.  

“Kisha can care for someone clinically, socially, and emotionally,” said BAYADA Clinical Manager Scott Crothamel, RN. “She is happy to be with her clients because she knows she is making a difference in such a close and intimate way. It’s one of the many traits that make her so deserving of the Hero award.”

For Pittman, it’s all about giving families the comfort of knowing that their medically fragile child is in the very best hands. “I want parents to know that they can take a break, go to work, take a nap, whatever they need to take care of themselves,” said Kisha, who was humbled to learn she had been chosen as LPN Hero of the Year. “I’m no different than any other nurses who get up every day, go to work, and give their clients the best possible skilled care they can. But it is a huge honor. It’s one thing to love what you do, but to be recognized for it is on a whole other scale.”

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BAYADA Pediatrics provides nursing care at home and school for children from birth through adolescence with a wide range of complex medical needs. Nurses receive age and diagnosis-specific training, including tracheostomy and ventilator care.

The Hero of the Year Award is part of BAYADA’s Hero Program, which allows the company to recognize and reward those who exceed the highest standards of quality care and work ethic at an office, division, and national level. Heroes can be nominated by their colleagues and clients. All BAYADA employees and clients can nominate any registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, home health aide, or other professional caregivers.

“I want to congratulate all of our outstanding national Heroes,” said BAYADA CEO David Baiada. “The Hero Program has always been at the heart of BAYADA’s culture of recognition. I’m incredibly proud that, with the difficulties of the global pandemic over the past year, our teams across the country remained deeply committed to making our clinicians feel appreciated every single day for the incredible work they do to keep our clients safe in the comfort of home.”

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