From Aide to Nurse Resident: How Hannah Jumpstarted Her Nursing Career

If you are in nursing school or thinking about it for the future, the BAYADA Nurse Residency Program could be the perfect option for you.

Hannah’s journey from home health aide to nurse resident

When Hannah Iovacchini joined BAYADA as a home health aide after working in an assisted living facility, she immediately appreciated the personal connection with her clients. “Going into someone’s home, taking my time with them and not being so rushed really appealed to me,” she said. “I could care for the whole person instead of just taking care of what they needed at the time.”

Hannah started at a BAYADA office in King of Prussia, PA, where her compassionate nature soon earned her an Office Hero award. (The BAYADA Hero Program is our flagship awards program. Office heroes are nominated to advance to divisional then national levels, where each Hero of the Year is celebrated by thousands at our annual Awards Weekend.) The recognition didn’t stop when Hannah transitioned to an office in Willow Grove, PA—again, her clients and coworkers nominated her Office Hero!

“I was surprised, humbled, and appreciative,” shared Hannah, who says she was just doing her job. “I was so glad to hear from the clients that I was making a difference in their lives.”

Going to nursing school

Hannah’s care truly did make a difference, but she knew she could do so much more. “One of my clients also received nursing care,” she said. “As I watched the nurses use their clinical skills, it motivated me to continue my education so I would have the skills and ability to make things even better and easier for my clients.”

BAYADA Clinical Manager Cynthia Buongiovanni confirmed what Hannah was feeling. “Cindy told me that she hoped I would go into nursing,” she said. “She encouraged me and made me feel like this was something I could do.”

Hannah enrolled in a nursing program at Montgomery County Community College. Thanks to her hard work, along with financial assistance from the BAYADA Presidential Scholarship Program, she now holds the title of registered nurse. (Career growth and professional excellence are encouraged at BAYADA, and all our direct caregivers are invited to apply for an annual scholarship to defray the cost of their continuing education, whatever that may be.)

Joining the Nurse Residency Program

As Hannah got closer to graduating nursing school, she learned about the BAYADA Nurse Residency Program from her client services manager and clinical manager at work. “In nursing school, I heard about so many different career options,” said Hannah. “But I couldn’t justify doing anything else but home care.”

Hannah was accepted into the Nurse Residency Program at the invitation of the BAYADA Pediatrics office in Sellersville, PA. When she told her Willow Grove care team, her inbox was flooded with supportive emails confirming she had made the right decision.

Reaping the benefits of a Nurse Residency

By joining the Nurse Residency Program and getting its dedicated clinical coaching, Hannah was able to put her nursing skills to work right after graduation. Otherwise, she would have needed one year of nursing experience before she’d be eligible to apply as a BAYADA Nurse.

The Nurse Residency Program is a transition-to-practice program that bridges the gap between the classroom and real-world nursing. It is a yearlong, full-time paid program with six weeks of core training and the remainder of the residency working as a professional nurse with one-on-one clinical support.

This program is unique and one of the only home care nurse residency programs in the country.

The BAYADA Nurse Residency Program:

  • Combines classroom learning with Gold-Standard simulation lab training and precepted practice
  • Teaches the clinical skills needed to care for clients with a variety of diagnoses
  • Builds clinical judgement skills
  • Fosters autonomy and confidence
  • Provides hands-on instruction using realistic medical manikins to mimic real-life care scenarios in a home setting
  • Supports nurses with nurse preceptors, clinical rotations, and a dedicated clinical coach
  • Pairs nurses with clients who match their skills and interests
  • Offers a choice of career advancement paths

Enjoying flexibility and work-life balance

Years ago, it had been a challenge for Hannah to work at the assisted living facility after staying home to care for her two young sons. “With the Nurse Residency Program, they understand that being a mom is really important to me,” she said. “It’s incredible to have flexibility and work-life balance, which is encouraged and supported.”

Hannah is excited to start her new role with the Nurse Residency Program. “I have a chance to make people’s lives better,” she said. “It is humbling and overwhelming in a very good way.”

Learn more

To decide if the Nurse Residency Program is right for you, click here to register for a free information session!

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