Get Paid Training to Become a Pediatric Home Health Nurse

Adult nursing is the path most traveled by new nurses. But any nurse—including LPNs, RNs, and recent graduates—can jump-start their career at BAYADA Pediatrics!

Mat Gunkel, RN always wanted to work with children. But as a natural progression from his hospital-based nursing program, he started his career on their adult cardiac unit. After a few years, Mat decided it was time to live his dream and took the leap to pediatric home care. What made that an easy decision? Someone told him about the amazing hands-on education and support BAYADA offers. Here, we give nurses at any level of experience the preparation, confidence, and skill proficiency to love what they do.

Why work in pediatric home care?

  • Particularly for LPNs, home nursing offers the most opportunity to specialize in pediatrics. Practice at the top of your license comprehensively—without the role restrictions found in most facilities—and choose to work with clients whose care needs interest you, from basic to complex, infancy to adolescence.
  • Home nursing allows you to provide one-on-one care in your community, not a multi-bed facility. Being able to care for one child at a time and support their activities of daily living (ADLs) at home or school empowers pediatric home health nurses to makes a big impact on clients’ well-being and quality of life.

  • Work/life balance at BAYADA Pediatrics can’t be beat. Choose flexible hours that work around your schedule and continuing education, and enjoy the freedom to move long distance with hundreds of BAYADA Pediatrics locations.

Get an easy start!

If you are licensed, you want to make a difference in the lives of children and families, and you align with our core values of compassion, excellence, and reliability, you can be paid while getting work experience and top-notch training and mentorship as a pediatric nurse.

BAYADA offers a wide range of clinical education opportunities: to learn more, view available job opportunities or speak with a recruiter at 888-657-6727 to get started.

Programs available for BAYADA pediatric clinicians

Get started in pediatric home health nursing with or without prior experience, then take your career as far as you want it to go with mentoring, continuing education, and a broad choice of clinical or business career paths.

BAYADA can take you “from hire to retire,” always with the opportunity to learn more, grow your earning potential, and try new things.

  • Scholarship and tuition programs to continue your education, learn new skills, and earn new certifications and credentials
  • BAYADA Nurse Residency Program to receive training, simulation lab practice, precepted clinical rotations, client care experience, and one year of dedicated career coaching with a cohort of other new nurses
  • The Preceptor Education Program (PEP) to learn basic pediatric nursing skills and demonstrate that you have mastered each skill before moving on
  • Family Centered Care Training to help you build trust and understanding working with diverse clients and families with unique needs
  • State-of-the-art, award-winning Clinical Simulation Labs—nicknamed SIM Labs—for safe, stress-free skills training and practice on medical manikins before providing direct care
  • On-the-job training and orientation provided by nurses familiar your client’s care needs until you are ready to go solo
  • 24/7 clinical support line to contact a clinical manager with any questions or concerns, for continuous support and communication on the job
  • Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care Training with highly experienced intensive care clinicians to take your certified skills and job potential up a notch
  • A Preceptor Training Course for when you want to become a clinical educator and share your experience and talents with other nurses
  • An expansive library of in-services and free continuing education modules (CEs) to enhance your nursing practice and help you meet license renewal requirements

Curious? Explore a career in pediatric home health nursing with BAYADA today and learn about jobs and professional development opportunities in your area.

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Founded in 1975 by Founder and Chairman Mark Baiada, BAYADA has become a trusted leader in providing a full range of clinical care and support services at home for children and adult of all ages. Since then, BAYADA has remained true to Mark’s commitment to purpose by finding, training, and supporting employing who take pride and find joy in healing and helping.

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