You got the call. You have a job interview with the home health care company of your dreams. You’re thrilled and nervous at the same time. You want to make a really good impression—the kind that makes you stand out from the rest so they’ll know that you’re the perfect person for the job. The interview is the most important part of the job application process, so be sure to take the time to prepare. We have created a practice test and interview guide that will help you get you ready to make a great first—and a lasting—impression.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Always be yourself—your best professional self, that is. Let your interviewer see who you are beyond the experiences and accomplishments listed on your resume or letters of reference. Let them see you as an individual, with a passion for helping others. Let them get to know who you will be on the job, through stories you share that show how caring, reliable, and hardworking you are.
  • Think of an interview as an introduction, for you as well as the interviewer. The best interviews end up as two-way conversations. This is your chance to learn more about who the company is, so be sure to ask questions and then listen to the responses. How you listen says as much about you as what you say.

Preparation is key to acing an interview. Learn as much as you can about the company: its mission, services, leadership, competition, successes, and challenges. The more you know about the company, the more you’ll have to talk about how you can add value. Employers are always impressed with candidates who do their homework; it shows interest and enthusiasm.

Use the practice test to brush up on your caregiving skills. It has multiple choice questions with real-life situations you may find yourself in as a home health aide. At the end, you’ll find helpful tips for preparing for, attending, and following up after the interview. Know that your dress, your manners, your posture, your attentiveness, and more all speak volumes before you’ve even answered the first question. Good luck! 

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