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Feel like your LPN career isn’t fulfilling? It doesn’t have to be that way—in fact, it shouldn’t be. You worked hard to earn your license and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, with all the job opportunities for nurses, how do you find the one that really makes the most of your skills and your passion for caring? One where you can honestly say, “I love what I do!” Consider home health care.

Home health care is a great field for LPNs. Not only are there ample opportunities for meaningful one-on-one care, you can expect a choice of shifts to fit your life and a variety of cases to meet your interests. It is unlike many other care settings because you get to develop relationships with patients and families—and give them your undivided attention. You can work with children, adults, or seniors with a variety of diagnoses. Some require complex care such as tracheostomy and ventilator management, while others need less intensive care. The choice is yours—and that’s not something many health care settings can offer.

We asked some home health care LPNs why they love what they do. Here’s what they said:

Niomy Duran, LPN

“I love being a home care LPN because I can help people in so many ways. Whether it’s medication administration, working with the doctors to make sure the patient is receiving the best care possible, or providing personal care, I feel good knowing I’m making my patient’s life just a little bit easier.

And it’s so much more personal than working in a facility. I have only one patient that I can give my undivided attention to and not have to rush off because I have other patients who need me as well.”

Janine Lanuzzi, LPN

“As a home care nurse, I am able to work with a variety of different patients. I am given the opportunity to help a new family bring their child home from the NICU. I am able to help teach them about all of the new equipment their child came home with, all while allowing them to just be parents. I am able to give a medically fragile child the opportunity to go to school--just like any every other child their age. There are also instances where I am given the hard task of allowing a family to have their child pass away at home after a diagnosis of a terminal illness. I strive to give families a sense of normalcy. It can be very stressful to have a nurse come into your home and care for your loved one; I try to be mindful and accommodating to their needs.”

Yulisa Viera, LPN

“I love working in home care because I not only get to know my patient, but the whole family, their story, their life. And I understand how difficult it must be for them to deal with all of what they have to deal with every day, but I feel good that I am there to support and help them in all the ways possible without crossing boundaries.

It feels great knowing that I can make someone's life better every day. Maybe put a smile on their faces by helping them, advocating for them, or just being with them when they need someone. And I love that they see me as more than just a nurse who gives them medications or treatments.”

Phane Mogaka, LPN

“Working as an LPN gives me the opportunity to know the individual I am working with better. Getting to understand my patient helps me provide better and more effective care for them.

I find home care nursing is one of the most important parts in nursing. We all love to be in the comfort of home, in our familiar surroundings, and I believe that helps in the healing process.”

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