The Importance of a Living Will and Health Care Proxy

Learn more about advance directives—such as a living will and health care proxy—and other key legal documents as you age.

Couple Celebrates 65th Anniversary with Help of BAYADA Team

Tom and Gladys Stanley celebrated their 65th anniversary with dinner, donated flowers, and a serenade by BAYADA Hospice Medical Director John Saroyan.

Coping With the Holidays When Experiencing Grief

Acknowledgement of change during the holidays can be hard. Receive tips on how to cope with the holidays when experiencing grief.

How to Choose a Hospice

Learn more about what questions to ask when choosing a hospice provider for you or your loved one.

Hospice Care: End-of-Life Planning

End of Life planning can be extremely difficult for all involved, including family and friends. Read on for additional research and options for hospice and palliative care.