There are a variety of government and charitable organizations dedicated to helping chronically ill, disabled, and in-need veterans receive the support and services they need and deserve. Whether its elder home care services or job assistance, veterans have access to services that can help them live better, more fulfilling lives.

Home and Community Based Services, US Department of Veterans Affairs

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers many home and community-based services for veterans of all ages. The following are a few of the services offered as part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package. All enrolled Veterans are eligible if they meet the clinical need for the service.

  • Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care helps Veterans stay safe and independent at home, where they want to be. For many, it is a welcome alternative to living in a nursing home or other group facilities. Homemakers and home health aides provide help with activities of daily living including assistance with bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and other personal and household tasks. These services help Veterans who are isolated or whose family caregivers can’t provide enough or the kind of care they need.
  • Adult Day Health Care is a program Veterans can go to during the day for social activities, peer support, companionship, and recreation. Adult day health care can be a half-day or full-day program; some veterans are eligible for assistance with transportation.

For a list of State Veterans Homes locations, visit the National Association of State Veterans Homes.

  • Home Based Primary Care is for Veterans whose complex health care needs make it difficult for them to travel to a clinic or doctor’s office for routine medical care.
  • Hospice Care is comfort care provided to you and your family if you have terminal condition, with less than six months to live, and are no longer seeking treatment other than palliative care. Hospice Care can be provided at home, in an outpatient clinic, or in an inpatient setting.
  • Respite Care is a service that pays for a person to come to a Veteran's home or for a Veteran to go to a program while their family caregiver takes a break. While a Veteran gets respite care, the family caregiver can run errands or go out of town for a few days without worrying about leaving the Veteran alone at home.

Wounded Warrior Homes

Wounded Warrior Homes is a grassroots charitable non-profit organization that provides transitional housing to post-9/11 combat veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Job Assistance for Veterans, US Department of Labor

Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) is committed to helping America's veterans and separating service members by preparing them for meaningful careers, providing employment resources and expertise, and protecting their employment rights. It provides critical resources, expertise, and training to assist veterans in locating and obtaining meaningful careers at over 2,500 American Job Centers nationwide.

Disabled Veterans National Foundation

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) provides critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically. It provides an online resource database that allows veterans to navigate the complex process of seeking benefits; financial support to veteran organizations that address the unique needs of veterans; and assistance to homeless and low-income veterans.

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