“Some people may just need a person to sit and be present with them,” explained BAYADA Hospice Spiritual Support Counselor Constance Moser, M.Div. Moser began working in hospice care four years ago. She is part of a multidisciplinary team that cares for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals at the end of life.

While all hospice team members are essential in ensuring a patient and their family experience quality of life, October 19 begins Pastoral Care Week, a week to highlight the myriad ways spiritual caregivers provide support to the members of our communities. Even though she is an ordained Protestant pastor, Moser provides spiritual support to individuals of all different faiths, and often those who don’t have a specific faith at all.

It’s common for patients who may not associate with a specific religion to still have concerns or questions of a spiritual nature arise at the end of life. Without a faith community to turn to, the hospice spiritual support counselor is the ideal person to help them work through some of these issues and find peace. Moser is not there to push or judge. Instead, she meets people where they are in their journey, listens, provides insight, and helps them to resolve their concerns. “Most of the time spiritual care involves listening and reflecting with people,” said Moser. “If it’s appropriate, I may also connect them to their local faith community.”

“Connie plays such an important role on our team,” said Director Jessica DeGrechie. “Our medical professionals can address the outward hurting, but sometimes there are hurts or uncertainty on the inside that need to be addressed. Connie is able to help bring comfort on that spiritual level that can actually play a part in easing physical pain.”

Moser’s multidisciplinary team includes nurses, social workers, home health aides and volunteers, along with oversight by a physician. Team members work together to support patients and their families as they cope with the end stages of a life-limiting illness.

BAYADA Hospice, a BAYADA Home Health Care specialty practice, provides a comprehensive range of end-of-life services that enable people to remain at home with comfort, dignity, and peace of mind. For more information, visit BAYADA Hospice online.

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