For the past few Mother’s Days, BAYADA has offered both practical and unique gift suggestions for all the moms in your life. The list below includes some new ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that may just delight them so much that they may actually use them, rather than stash them away in the closet!

Gift ideas for a typical older mom:

Gift ideas especially for moms with memory loss:

Give the gift of time!

Of course, you know that for most mothers (and yes, mothers-in-law) the best gift of all is spending time with you and your family members. If that’s not possible because of schedules, distance, or, well, desire…there’s always the classic Mother’s Day gift: flowers!

For more gift ideas take a look at our list of perfect gifts for seniors.

original publication: April 2021
update publication: April 2022

About the Author

Barbra London is an expert in health services and care management for aging populations with nearly 50 years of hands-on experience. Based out of NJ, she currently partners with BAYADA Home Health Care to provide support through coaching, training, and advocating with our personal care and companionship services practice.

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