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My father celebrated 48 Father’s Days before he passed away at the age of 80. He was also fortunate enough to be the proud grandfather to five grandchildren. Naturally, with that many Father’s Days to celebrate, there were plenty of gifts exchanged for all those years!

Of course, we were shocked, when cleaning out his closets, we found 42 brand new, unused Father’s Day gifts still in their original boxes—sweaters, shavers, gadgets, mugs and calendars with photos of the grandchildren, gift certificates, and no surprise…a plethora of silk ties! Apparently, by the look of things, all he ever really needed or wanted were dozens of golf balls.

So, lesson learned…the traditional Father’s Day gift that you may think is a perfect gift for your dad or grandfather, may not necessarily reflect the things that they value and would want most as a Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day, June 20, is fast approaching, but buying that ideal gift doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are 10 gift suggestions for dad to get you started: (and don’t forget granddad!)

1. Hobby gifts for men

  • Golf: For the dad who loves to spend time on the links, golf gear is always a great Father’s Day gift. You can spend as little as much as you want—there is a price point for everyone.
  • Fishing: Whether you want to splurge on a new rod or buy some cool bait hooks, fishing lovers will appreciate it all.
  • Gardening: If your dad loves to tend to the garden, tools are always great gardening gifts.
  • Cooking: For your cook in the kitchen, you can never have enough cooking aids or cookbooks. Consider changing it up with something different or eclectic to get those creative juices going.

Whatever that hobby is, a well-thought-out gift for dad will surely be appreciated.

2. Monthly club memberships

This is a perfect way to remind your dad or grandfather how much they are appreciated every month. There are plenty of unique monthly club memberships to choose from including:

  • Food
  • Wine or liquor
  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Sweets/candy/baskets
  • Chocolate
  • Print magazine or book subscriptions (Consider large print if your dad has vision problems)

3. Large-numbered telephone or cell phone

A perfect Father’s Day gift for an elderly man who may have vision issues.

4. Family portrait/photoshoot

A keepsake for generations to come!

5. Food delivery service

An ideal gift for a senior who finds food shopping to be too difficult.

6. Set up an UBER account

If your aging dad cannot get around on his own, knowing he will have transportation when he needs it, can greatly reduce unwanted stress.

7. Subscription to streaming channels

Netflix, Prime Video, or BritBox for a year—a truly unique gift for dad.

8. iMemories

This technology can be used to transfer VHS tapes, film, and photos to a digital version which can be enjoyed by all.

9. Dodow

A metronome light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns—affords a restful, deep night’s sleep. (the company claims you will fall asleep within eight minutes!)

10. Oral history

Record a video of a conversation with your dad or grandfather to tell “his story” of his life. There are many suggested questions and topics online for Oral History Interviews.

Of course, the best Fathers’ Day present of all… your presence! (accompanied by a heartfelt, “thank you and I love you.”)

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Barbra London is an expert in health services and care management for aging populations with nearly 50 years of hands-on experience. Based out of NJ, she currently partners with BAYADA Home Health Care to provide support through coaching, training, and advocating with our personal care and companionship services practice.

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