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“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”- Arnold Palmer.

Golf is a timeless and ageless game with multiple benefits. It is played millions of seniors, not only for the great social and health benefits, but for the mental challenge as well. Although the pace of play and distance of each shot might be a bit less than a younger you, the fun will always remain constant.

Physical benefits

The average golfer walks 4 miles during 18 holes of golf. This is a great exercise as you battle the various terrains of the course. According to Golf Digest Magazine, the average golfer burns over 1,400 calories walking 18 holes, and as many as 850 calories riding in the cart.

Walking the course also helps build muscle strength, improve cardiovascular functions, and increase endurance, which are all important to your health as you age. If you’re not feeling up to the task, try walking 9 holes, and taking a golf cart on the back 9.

Along with walking and building lower body strength, the golf swing itself promotes core muscle strength. The major muscle groups within the golf swing are the core region, and strengthening that area is an important way to prevent lower back pain. Your swing can also build the muscles in your chest, buttocks, back, and forearms. 

For those who are looking for a workout while having fun, golf just might be that dream activity you were looking for.

Mental benefits

According to the great Bobby Jones, “Golf is mainly played on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.” That’s because golf is filled with precise mental calculations such as ball location, grass depth, wind direction, green speeds, slope, and much more. It is a great way to help keep the mind strong.

As seniors age in retirement, they rarely come across the level of strategic thinking they did in the workplace, and golf is a great way continue to keep your brain fit. It is also proven that golf releases endorphins (the ‘feel good’ hormones), which help to boost your mood and well-being. With the release of these endorphins, it can help relieve your overall stress. The sport also teaches the importance of patience and controlling emotions to prevent sending the mental aspect of the game into a tailspin.

Social benefits

Only a small percentage of golfers really ever get to low-handicaps (the scoring system to compare golfer skills), which means they rely on the other great parts of the game for enjoyment—such as the social aspect. A great golf cliché which reigns true is, "I'm just out here to relax and unwind," representing it’s all about having a good time with friends.

As we continue to age in our home, it can be harder to stay connected with friends. Regular golf outings can help build and maintain relationships with friends as well as provide you with a recurring event to look forward to. Mental stimulation outside of the home with other like-minded individuals is very important to your personal health.  

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